Community Giving


Wherever we do business, Northwestern Bank strives to be a good neighbor and strong supporter of the community. Our philosophy of giving, sharing, and helping is embraced at every level of our organization. Our commitment to the communities we serve is time-honored and a part of who we are. Northwestern Bank routinely contributes monetarily to local, community-based programs that inspire learning, strengthen families, support the arts, and assist the elderly. We help nonprofit groups by advertising their messages on our electronic message boards and within our banks. Our team members regularly offer hands-on help to nonprofit organizations and service clubs, volunteering hundreds of hours of their time and talent.

At Northwestern Bank, we believe in being a part of your lives – engaged, involved, and volunteering in the communities we serve. It is our honor and commitment to give back to our families.

To request a donation, please contact Isabella Andersen at 218.359.0670 or email [email protected]


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